Unilever France signs with Mutual Logistics

Unilever entrusts the service provider with the logistics operations of its ice cream brands for the south of France. This will be Mutual Logistics’ first customer on the 7,000-m² extension of its shared frozen products distribution center in Attignat, near Bourg-en-Bresse.

Last June, the service provider, Mutual Logistics, announced the addition of an extra 7,000-m² unit for the second semester of 2021 at its shared frozen product distribution center in Attignat, near Bourg-en-Bresse (01).An expansion bringing to 28,000 m² the total surface area of the platform that will host, as the leading customer in this extension, the Unilever Group. The global consumer product specialist signed with the logistics provider, awarding it the logistics contract for the south of France for its ice cream brands, including Magnum and Carte d’Or.

It was the expertise in shared logistics, the competitiveness of the center’s offering for frozen products, and the expertise in logistics operations for food products that convinced Unilever France to opt for Mutual Logistics. For Mutual Logistics, the company’s arrival at this shared distribution center establishes the potential for synergies between its various customers on the site.

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