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A comprehensive offering


The responsiveness and efficiency of our Transport services will allow you to ship your flows in France and Europe with complete peace of mind, while benefiting from a high-quality service and at the best costs thanks to the expertise of our various agencies.

Mutual Transport organizes transport, deliveries and returns, adapted to technical specificities and required deadlines with dedicated or subcontracted means. The range of services is as wide as possible: dry or refrigerated transport, collection or distribution, direct batches or messaging, national or international (Europe and Maghreb). 

The competitiveness of the services offered is linked to the massification and combination of flows, co-loading, the productivity of the means of transport and the selection of the best partners and the best networks. In terms of service, the flexibility and responsiveness of offers is preferred, the availability of means of transport is planned, the punctuality of pick-ups and deliveries is traced, the cleanliness of trucks is monitored and safety is always reinforced.

With Mutual Transport, the manufacturing, mass market, retail and e-commerce sectors benefit from the management of large-scale transport flows.


  • Synergies of goods flows
  • Productivity of means of transport
  • Solutions for all types of transport
  • Solutions for all delivery services

With Mutual Transport, you have access to the benefits of an industrial organization while having a single contact person to monitor your files.

Regional/National/International distribution

A competitive, flexible and express palletized network for the national distribution of your products and supplies.

Implantations mutual logistics

A range of specific services

  • Cross-docking with platform-based approach
  • Quantitative and qualitative control
  • Splitting or consolidation of orders by recipients
  • Management of slots or fixed-time appointments
  • Management of special operations
  • Delivery to construction sites or to upper floors


A quality service dedicated to transport operations

  • Tracking your shipments in real time
  • Loading and delivery control
  • Quality statistics



  • Standard or specific means
  • Your shipments from 1 to 33 pallets
  • Partners selected for their reliability
  • A fleet of our own vehicles
  • A team of multilingual professionals with strong business expertise
  • A dedicated contact person


  • Synergies of goods flows
  • Productivity of means of transport
  • Solutions for all types of transport
  • Solutions for all delivery services

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