Supply Chain

Customized solutions

Mutual Logistics expertise


In the field of warehousing, Mutual Logistics’ expertise is recognized and appreciated by all its customers. The strong skills of our employees will satisfy your various logistics requests.

Mutual Logistics is responsible for managing logistics and transport operations within the framework of contractual relationships adapted to the needs of its customers. They can be carried out in single or multi-customer storage warehouses. The services offered range from product approval to shipment including warehousing, order preparation and packaging. The use of a real-time information system guarantees the quality of the operations and full traceability of the information.

With the technologies used, the services of Mutual Logistics meet all the needs of the different sectors to which they are offered: Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Distribution and e-commerce, and provide them with structural advantages.

Mutual Logistics’ expertise in the areas of flow synchronization and the organization of synergies can also help reduce stock levels and costs.

Supply chain
  • Improving competitiveness
  • Improving quality of logistics operations
  • Increasing customer service
  • Adjusting logistics expenses to business revenues

Shared logistics

Multi-customer warehouses that reduce your logistics costs, both in warehousing and transport.

logistique mutualise

Contract logistics

Offer complete logistics tailored to your flows and products to ensure the satisfaction of your customers.


Controlled temperature

A leader in cold chain logistics to preserve the quality of perishable foods, refrigerated and frozen products.


  • Reception
  • Warehousing
  • Stock maintenance
  • Order preparation by pallet
  • Order preparation by parcel
  • Order preparation by consumer unit
  • Custom packaging
  • Flow traceability
  • Shipping
  • Quality certification
  • Warehouse IT
  • Transport with synchronization of flows
  • Stock management


  • Real-time management of radio frequency operations
  • Full EDI and Web EDI communication
  • Extranet access for consultation
  • Real-time stocks and orders
  • Use of the best warehouse management software packages
  • Use of the best stock management software packages
  • Preparation of orders by voice recognition


  • Cost synergies
  • Flow synergies
  • Stock reduction
  • Transport and logistics cost reduction
  • Availability of goods
  • Improved customer service