Poupry, showcase of the future Mutual Logistics national network

In the Artenay-Poupry business park, along the A10 motorway, 25 km north of Orléans, Mutual Logistics 3PL is having built a new 31,000-m² platform built, that is divided into 5 units, including one at controlled temperature (14-18°C, in particular for chocolate products).

Its delivery is scheduled for February 2020. Mutual Logistics has planned to transfer the activities currently located on Pole 45 in Ormes, on the outskirts of Orléans, to a 34 000 -m² warehouse there dating from the 80s, inherited from Logismark, acquired in 2015. These are mainly shared upstream transport, storage, order preparation and delivery services to supermarkets for around fifty manufacturers of groceries, wines and health & beauty products.

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