Mutual Logistics publishes the Gender Equality in the Workplace index

With a score of 100 out of 100, MUTUAL LOGISTICS EFR affirms its desire to reduce professional inequalities between women and men.

The gender equality index is a tool used to assess differences in remuneration in each company. The index is subject to a common methodology defined by Decree and consists of four indicators measuring pay gaps between women and men, defined in the form of a score out of 100.

 On all four criteria, MUTUAL LOGISTICS EFR obtains the maximum score :

On the main criterion which is that of remuneration, MUTUAL LOGISTICS EFR obtains 40 points out of 40. This indicator shows the gender pay gap in the company. In accordance with the agreement signed with the social partners on professional equality between women and men, the Index confirms MUTUAL LOGISTICS EFR’s desire to implement a wage policy based on equal treatment between women and men.

On the index linked to the salary increases, assessing the percentage of men and women who have seen an increase over the course of the year, MUTUAL LOGISTICS EFR totals the maximum number of points (35 points), as well as on the criterion of employees given an increase on their return from maternity leave (15 points).

Finally, on the criterion that is the most difficult to obtain for the sectors whose core business is operational, namely the number of women present in the ten highest salaries, MUTUAL LOGISTICS EFR stands out by obtaining the maximum score for the criterion (10 points).