Mutual Logistics inaugurates the largest temperature-controlled platform in France

30 September 2016 – Mutual Logistics, a logistics and transport service provider, inaugurates its multi-distributor and multi-manufacturer distribution center in Attignat, a few kilometers from Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain).

Attignat, the largest temperature-controlled logistics hub
Covering over 21,000m2, it is the largest negative cold platform in France. Dedicated to frozen food products, it manages nearly 10% of the French market and 35% of the local market, as it serves 1,000 points of sale in the Grand Est, Bourgogne/Franche-Comté and Auvergne/Rhône-Alpes regions.

Multi-distributor and multi-manufacturer, it already hosts Carrefour and Système U, but also manufacturing companies such as Bionatis, Boncolac, Bondolce, Glacière Narbonnaise, la Gerbe Savoyarde, Kerry Ingredients, Mantua, Neuhauser, Prolainat, Rolli, Sole Moi and Yetigel.
This platform, which employs 180 people, required an investment of €10 million.

Pooling, the cornerstone of the success of Mutual Logistics
As Vincent Denis, the founder and Chairman of Mutual Logistics explains: “We want to become the leader in pooling logistics and transport in France and create a real breakthrough in the organization of distribution channels for frozen foods, groceries, wines and Health & Beauty products”.
By pooling the logistics assets of its distribution platforms and consolidating storage and transport, Mutual Logistics reduces costs and improves the competitiveness of its customers. To achieve this, the group can rely on its Attignat site for frozen products, but also on that of Orléans, where it manages a 34,000-m2 multi-distributor and multi-manufacturer platform dedicated to consumer products. “These two emblematic sites need to be duplicated in order to offer a dense and uniform network throughout the country”, continues Vincent Denis.